God Bless Ya

The Irish Travellers are one of the strongest Catholic communities in the world.

Irish Travellers were a nomadic family-based group trading horses and tools with farmers in rural areas of Ireland. Since the country became more and more mechanized, they lost their economic role and travelling became less convenient.

Hence they became more settled and their lifestyle began to adapt to the new condition.

Among Travelling people religion has always played a vital role and nowadays their adherence to Catholic morals is still one of the most stringent worldwide. The way Travellers experience faith is far from being intimate and discreet, as the Christian moderation does not hinder their vitality and exuberance.

This photo-reportage is a result of a whole summer spent in Ireland moving from campsites to churches, to holy wells, to shrines.


Published on Irish Times (Ireland), Internazionale (Italy), Gente (Italy), British Journal of Photography (UK)

Exhibited at Format Festival (Derby - UK)

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